*stans a group of idiots*

hey there, i'm mandy and i'm a nolifer who is basically dedicating her life to this group called bangtan/bts or whatever their name is anymore *sighs*

what are you doing… (¬_¬)

Good, at least we have something in common


So there’s only a few days left till the bts showcases and i’ll still be on holiday till the end of the month OTL but i just wanted to wish the lucky peeps who are gonna see bangtan in berlin/stockholm lots of fun and unforgettable memories! Especially nico (@vrotic) and ye (@vhyung). Hope you guys have a real blast there. Also i wanna thank maddie (@jungcookie) being so kind translating my letter to jungkook from english to korean and nico for bringing all my fan gifts/letters to berlin. I really appreciate that! ♡ Alright i guess that’s it. Sry for that awkward post lol. See ya~ ^^

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa babyyyyyyy, you are always welcome, you know you can count on me anytime ^o^ i just hope it was translated well huehue


i don’t even know where to look first


이때가 미국에 있었을땐데 옆에 보이는 바다가 정말 좋더라구요. 여러분들과 오고싶군요. -JJK-

This was when we were in the States
The beach you can see next to us was really nice.
I want to go there with you guys.

Trans cr; Christie @ bts-trans 

BTS’ American Hustle Life Streams


Link 1

Link 2

The show starts at 8 pm kst on Thursdays 


7 am est

6 am cst

5 am mst

4 am pst


1 pm cest

2 pm eest

(Like I said on the Music Core post I don’t live in Europe so I don’t really know the times zones. I am really sorry and I hope the two I gave helps)

Side note: I used the first link for 5MBC 


I remembered someone asked me to post my art/coloring process so here you go. ;u;/

fuck it, i dont give a shit
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